tropical monday

desire, wish, willingness, will, intention, longing
desire, craving, wish, thirst, longing, ambition
desire, lust, longing, hunger, wish
passion, desire, lust, infatuation, ardor, fervor
wish, request, desire, pleasure
appetite, desire, stomach
dream, ambition, desire, cloud-castle
longing, hunger, whim, caprice, desire, wish
desire, lust, passion, concupiscence
inclination, liking, desire
desire, volition, wish



jasmine tea and a cigarette  

Dove grey, charcoal grey, velvet grey, grimy grey, mouldy grey, platinum grey, silver grey, granular grey, cumulus grey. Greys softly muted and measured on matte paper.

Stories are a contract and their existence requires another, a listener, to complete the event that is telling, even if that listener is oneself or an imagined other.